Miscellaneous Photos

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 Engine) A steam engine undergoing restoration at the Jackson Street Roundhouse in Minneapolis.
(CD in a microwave oven) Time exposure of a CD in a microwave oven.
(Stephen King Shot John Lennon van) A van I spotted once on a visit to San Jose, California. The newspaper clippings in the windows are "proof", via an elaborate code, that Stephen King shot John Lennon.
('Infinite' Sign) I spotted this odd sign on M-57, near Montrose, Michigan.
(Student Crossing) Spotted near the Michigan Tech Student Development Center...
(Dam at Barton Park) The dam at Barton Park. (Picture taken with a FujiFilm FinePix 1300 digital camera.)
(Huron river
above Barton Dam) The Huron River, just above Barton Dam.
(Richmond Field) Glider operations at Richmond Field.
(Winch launch) Glider being winch launched at Richmond Field

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