Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Photos

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(Freda smokestack) An old stamp mill boiler stack, near Freda.
(Stamp mill) The remains of an old stamp mill on the shores of Torch Lake, near Hubbell.
(Smelter) Abandoned copper smelter on the Portage Canal, near Hancock. A couple relatively new pole barns are visible in the background on the left; that property is now owned by the Houghton County Road Commission.
(Quincy Hoist aux. engine) Interior of the Quincy Steam Hoist building, with a small(!) auxiliary steam engine in the foreground. Click here for more steam hoist pictures.
(Victoria Dam) The Victoria hydroelectric dam. This concrete structure sits atop the dam itself; I assume it's a gate control building. The sign above the door reads: "DANGER FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY YOU ARE WARNED TO KEEP OUT." Click here for more Victoria Dam pictures.

(Houghton lift bridge) The vertical lift bridge that carries US-41 across the Portage Canal. A nice fall color shot. And yes, the water really does look that blue on clear days.
(Landing craft) An old landing craft, beached at the National Park Service dock in Houghton.
(South 41) Looking south, from the end of US 41. This is just a couple miles northeast of Copper Harbor.
(John B. Aird) The John B. Aird, a 730 foot self-unloader, noses into the locks at Sault. St. Marie. The unusual hull shape helps suppress the bow wave.
(Keweenaw Bay Beach) A quiet beach on Keweenaw Bay, photographed on an early fall afternoon.
(Time exposure from Wads roof)
(Yet another time exposure) Two time exposures, taken from the roof of Wadsworth Hall.
(Covered road #2) (Covered road #1) Covered Road is a beautiful drive, in the fall. Or any time of year, for that matter.
(Misery River) The mouth of the Misery River, which I think has one of the more intriguing names of any of the waterways here.
(South canal entry light) The Portage Lake Lower Entry Light, photographed on a nice fall day.
(Bete Grise Light) The Bete Grise Light, in late spring. This light is now a private residence.
(Lower Hungarian Falls) Lower Hungarian Falls, photographed in late spring.
(Eagle River Falls) Eagle River Falls. Notice the remains of an old dam. This falls strikes me as much prettier when there's a light coat of snow, like there was when I took this photo. This was also taken during the spring; the flow over this falls isn't always this heavy.
(View from Bare Bluffs) Looking north from Bare Bluff, on a hazy fall afternoon.
(Sunset) The sun sets amid rainclouds over Great Sand Bay.
(Twilight, North Canal Park) Twilight at the North Canal Park, Houghton County.
(Sunset at Freda) A beautiful sunset at Freda, Michigan.
(Sunset at the north canal
 entry) Another sunset, this one over high waves on a windy evening at the north canal entry.
(High waves at the north canal
 entry) High waves pounding the breakwater at the north canal entry.
(High waves at Calumet
 Waterworks) On a different day, big waves rolling in at the Calumet Waterworks beach. Wind gusts were hitting 60 mph on the open lake.
(High waves near Eagle Harbor) The infamous Sawtooth Reef, near Eagle Harbor. In the days of sailing vessels, any ship that found itself being blown towards this part of the shore was in serious trouble, especially since the lakebed is mostly bedrock and doesn't hold an anchor well.
(Big breakers rolling in) Big breakers rolling in near M-26, a few miles south of Copper Harbor.
(Ice crystals) Neat looking ice crystals, photographed at the banks of the Ontonagon River.
(Breakwater Ice) Ice caked on the breakwater at the north canal entry.
(Breakwater Ice #2) Another shot of ice at the north canal entry, taken Spring 2000.
(Lake Michigan Ice) Ice on Lake Michigan at twilight, near the Straits of Mackinac.
(Interference pattern) Waves at the south canal entry make a textbook interference pattern. This was probably caused by waves coming in at an angle and being reflected by the long concrete breakwater.

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